Tiny house living is a dream come true for this performance artist from Belgium. She decided to buy a tiny manufactured home, according to her own designs, preferences and special requests.

What is a Tiny House?

In order to find out, you can follow the tiny house tour in this video. A Tiny House, also called micro house, is more than a small house, it is a real lifestyle.

It must therefore have all the characteristics of a traditional house:

A roof, walls and a heating system: to protect its owner from bad weather, cold and aggressions of the outside world.

A living space: to allow its owner to sit, eat, entertain, work and receive his/her friends.

A kitchen area: for cooking, baking, storing food and washing dishes.

Sleeping area: for resting and sleeping.

A bathing area: for showering, washing and getting dressed.

Storage space: to dress and store all the daily necessities.

A Tiny House can be used as a main home for the whole year or only for certain periods. Some people use it as a home for their children, for their studies, for camping, as a bed and breakfast or even as a shelter for the poorest of the poor or as a makeshift shelter in case of a natural disaster.

Tiny house living is the ideal home for this artist singer.

It has all the amenities and comfort of modern home design. It also served as a quarantine home during the pandemic. It can also be perceived as a nature retreat. For others it could serve as a home office as well.

Buying or building a Tiny House is quite a process.

It is more than just buying a Tiny House; it is completely changing your life. Building a Tiny House yourself is also quite a process and requires a lot of specific knowledge, skills and experience. Building a Tiny House is different from building a “normal” house. In a Tiny House, you have to be much smarter about the materials you use as well as the layout itself. In addition, with a Tiny House on Wheels (THOW) there is also a very important weight factor that plays a role.

In reality it’s a mobile home, and in this video you will see plenty of top storage ideas for tiny homes.

There are some very clever ideas for tiny homes you’ll discover, such as the double use of the table, or the large opening window on the roof. Experienced builders will often agree that their first Tiny Houses still had some ‘beginners mistakes’. The tiny house is a small wooden house which is, most of the time, built on a road trailer. It can therefore be moved at any time by its owner(s). It is also and above all an economical and eco-responsible solution to live with fewer material possessions, in a space specially designed to meet one’s own needs. The tiny house movement was born in the United States about twenty years ago. There are people who have plenty of arguments on why it sucks living in a tiny house, or people who have a whole list of “what I hate about my tiny house” but you won’t find those arguments in this video portrait.

I hope you enjoy this Tiny house tour

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