Can an energy plus house produce more energy than it consumes?

What is an energy plus house, also known as a plus energy house?

A passive house usually consumes slightly more energy than it generates. A zero or zero-energy house generates as much energy over a whole year as it consumes.

An energy-plus house goes one step further! An energy + house, generates more energy than it consumes. Among other things, it has large windows that provide lots of natural light, a heat pump and a roof fitted with solar panels and solar water heaters. The large stone walls in the house ensures that the temperature can remain as stable as possible. Clay finishing regulates the humidity. On the roof they’ve used paper insulation + a green roof filled with plants for extra insulation.

Of course a house like this needs an excellent building envelope. The basis for this energy-plus house is a solid passive house. Right from the design stage, a great deal of attention was paid to a compact construction, thorough insulation and air tightness, an appropriate orientation, judicious use of glass panes, a sophisticated ventilation and heating system with heat recovery and optimum use of solar energy.

Energy-producing homes, that is what we will be moving towards when it comes to building in the future.

The industry is also investigating the possible techniques. Many building professionals believe that in the future, homes will no longer be energy consumers, but energy producers.

An Energy Plus home is based on two basic principles: on the one hand, a minimum energy demand, through insulation and innovative energy-saving techniques such as heat recovery and the like, and on the other hand, maximum use of free solar energy.

The optimally insulated home of energy + residential construction is equipped with, among other things, a solar water heating system, a geothermal heat pump and all this in an airtight finish. Energy efficiency is key in this way of sustainable home building.

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