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 Text provided by Patrick Hoelen

 My name is Patrick Hoelen and I live in the Belgian Ardennes, near the French border.

I’ve always been very sensitive, I’ve always asked myself a thousand questions about everything, and my emotions have always taken up a lot of space.

As a child, I was confronted to my strong dyslexia which made people call me stupid. I believed them and grew up insecurely. 

Then at the age of 17-19, I had 2 accidents, spend several months in hospital. Life had stopped me and was telling me to look within…

Little by little, step by step, I was able to trust life, recognize the beauty and strength of the hole human experience and be part of my universe. 

As I moved forward in life, experiencing and learning, I was always in connexion with others, reaching out and communicating. Travelling and discovering other cultures and beliefs. Feeling people’s energy and potential, helping them to achieve. . But also in need of silence and nature, which brought me here in the Ardennes… I was building my own path, off the beaten tracks.

Now I can use my experience, feelings and perceptions to help others. 

Looking for answers together and helping you find them. We can grow together. 

I guide you towards yourself, by looking within, confronting you and confronting myself at the same time. 

As a man, I feel confortable in helping other men, on the path of manhood, sharing experiences and mirroring. 

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