About Mindful Building and Living

Mindful Building and Living

 Are you interested in healthy, original and sustainable methods of homebuilding?

 This website and YouTube channel will inspire you with practical insights on how you can realize your own building dream!

  Mindful Building and Living is your go-to hub when it concerns smart and sensible house building methods, with low impact on the environment.

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Mindful Building and Living

Hi there, nice to meet you and welcome on this site

My name is Wim, I’m a YouTube creator based in Belgium. I’m passionate about creative, original and sustainable methods of building and living.
I love to share my passion with you.

I do believe that change starts from every individual, and all change starts from a dream.

Do join me on my journey to discover people that made their dream come true and may they be a source of inspiration to realize your own Mindful Building and Living dream.